Queue Management System
  • p3.jpgHardware independence of our system allows using any queue management equipment available on the market.
  • This also gives our clients low cost of the system ownership because in case of any problem with the equipment it could be substituted or repaired with almost any available equivalents.
  • Developed functionality of our system helps us to implement both simple one-office systems and hierarchical ones for organizations with a complex structure.
  • Customization of our basic system according to your needs will give you a maximum effect from the installation of a queue management system in your organisation.
  • Our software is user-friendly, easy-to-use and the system installation (both hardware and software) requires no more then 4 days.
  • The DAMASK system contains many useful client-orientated features which will give your customers positive experience of your service.
  • Developing DAMASK we have always paid much attention to the questions of the system security and reliability. That is why there are lots of banks and public institutions among our clients.